Client Projects

LegalCook Web App

Aug 2023 - Sep 2023

Created a beautiful website for LegalCook, a progressive law startup based out of Bangalore. The web app also has a web admin panel and dashboard so analytics can be viewed and changes can be made as well by editors.

ViewRetreats Web App

Nov 2020 - Aug 2023

Built several backend components and features, including ZohoCRM integration for data management, checkout integration, Expedia integration, a gifting module, and various other modules.

Struct Chat App

Jun 2023 - Jul 2023

Developed a few components and features for their chat platform such as the global command palette, search, filtering, sorting, web app containerization, etc.

DFact Web App

Jan 2023 - Apr 2023

Coded web apps for TekSecur that helps their customers with DevSecOps. The product enables users to do one-click deployment of apps, improve pipeline performance and cost-optimize performance.

Designer Thamu’s Portfolio

Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Developed a portfolio website using the shared designs for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes on Figma. Used that to build a pixel-perfect, Nuxt.js based client-side rendered (CSR) web application that deploys to Netlify from a headless git-backed CMS. So content can be added/updated using an administrative section without having a dedicated hosting for the app, making it very versatile to manage a portfolio without the additional overhead of having to purchase hosting that has a recurring annual charge. Developed a portfolio website using the shared designs for mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes on Figma. Used that to build a pixel-perfect, Nuxt.js based client-side rendered (CSR) web application that deploys to Netlify from a headless git-backed CMS. So content can be added/updated using an administrative section without having a dedicated hosting for the app, making it very versatile to manage a portfolio without the additional overhead of having to purchase hosting that has a recurring annual charge. Additionally, added a Planner page with a dynamically generated QR code so people could purchase the planner.

Foodieverse Android App

Aug 2022 - Oct 2022

Built incremental features to the Foodiverse Android app, specifically a QR scanner that enables quick tagging of food items for their AirKitchens app.

APIWiz Web App

Mar 2022 - Jul 2022

Built the API catalog module for Itorix web app that enables their customers to create APIs and also run them directly using a runner.

AldeaTech Android and Web Apps

Aug 2019 - April 2021

Made an app that allows farmers to plan and improve productivity in agriculture leading to higher crop yields. It provides meteorological information and advise from experts through different stages of crop development to achieve this. The app is powered by a powerful backend and REST API as well. The entire web and android app was made by me from scratch.

uPar Golf App

Oct 2019 - Aug 2020

Made a fun app that gamifies golf to a contest between people. The app has 3 modes: Band mode which allows players to choose the target band, and a call the shot/virtuoso mode where they can set their own target or the app suggests a target respectively that’s more suitable for professional golfers.

TripTantra Web and Mobile Apps

Jul 2018 - Aug 2018

Building an Android app for an established travel booking company. Details will be disclosed post-project completion if bragging/publicity rights are retained by me. Incremental work over an existing travel app by an established travel booking organization. The work will encompass API creation over their existing platform and link it with the Android app project which is to be built by me.

TellUs Android and Web Apps

Sep 2017 - Mar 2018

Built both the Android And Web app from the ground up. Wrote a RESTful API in the web application for the Android app to consume. The app basically allows restaurants to take feedback from their customers and gives analytics and insights into the restaurant's performance. The app is localized so that local restaurants can easily use it. Built a robust web backend app with multi-user hierarchy so restaurant owners, sales executive, outlet managers, etc. can log in and manage their restaurant feedbacks and view statistics and insights on how they're performing and what their customers think about them. Wrote a pragmatic RESTful API so that I could integrate the Android app (which was also built by me) to this as well.

Floyd Inc. Web App

Nov 2017

Developed a powerful, stunning and easy to use website for Floyd Inc., based on the same design as an earlier client project as it's related to that client and they wanted it that way.

Attrition & Retention Predictor for X0PA AI

Sep 2017

X0PA AI is a Singapore-based data analytics startup which contacted me after their team couldn't solve a problem for over a week. A colleague from my alma mater recommended me and when I got the task, I solved it for them in under 2 hours. They then asked for a demo for parallel processing of R scripts for their attrition and retention predictor and then later asked to build ReactJS components to improve the same. I was offered a full-time remote employee role but didn't take it due to disagreements with the contract agreement.

BlueHorn Web App

Aug 2017

Designed a prototype, got a sign off from client, and then developed a powerful and stunning website for Blue Horn Inc. to showcase their company and gallery.

Swades Web App

Jul 2017

Worked on a web app that apparently was the scholarship program to a platform called UpGrad run by Ronnie Screwvala. Got the project through a group called Indiez and left it due to delayed payments. The group also gave a reduced payment to what they agreed to make even though I made the milestone perfectly, delivered on time, and the client gave a full rating for the work. Their excuse was that "I wasn't communicating often" even though I replied to each of their questions immediately. So I left and dropped the project. This is the same group whom I did the Yahavi project with (see timeline) and they failed to make timely payments then too. The link contains the partial version I developed with placeholders.

ApplyNow Android App

Jun 2017

A dynamic form management app that lets you to quickly apply to various services.

FinanceNow Android App

Jun 2017

A finance management app that lets you input your financial data to get information about your financial health which includes your months to survive, insurance required and many more cool features.

Yahavi Android App

March 9 2017 - April 2017

Built the native Android app as per the designs provided by the Indiez team. This project got stalled after a few milestones due to some financial constraints from the client's end. All payments were delayed and their excuse was that this was a "legacy client".

Cakes on Wheels

Feb 2017

Built a custom eCommerce platform for a company named CakesOnWheels that's a business trademark of eMandate Management Services located in Bangalore. The web app enables users to purchase a wide variety of cakes as well as addons such as roses, chocolate boxes, etc. I built a powerful backend that allows the client to add and manage the cakes and addons on his own. Sms and payment gateway integration was done as well.

Highway Delite Web and Android Apps

Oct 2015 - Jul 2016

"explore highways like never before". I built the frontend (front website) and backend (visible to logged in users) and also exposed a REST-based API so that the Android app can communicate with this DB. Some features include user management section, permission architecture, short URL management section, a custom map feature by which the authorized users can easily manage the establishments from map itself. highway delite wants to be your one point app for your road trip / highway journey/ bike rides / weekend getaway/ tour and travel through roads on Indian highways. I built the entire app for a client.

Sky Properties

Aug 2015

I built the entire frontend and backend for Sky Properties Team for their business. It has some really nice user management features with a permissions architecture, a web analytics dashboard, editable sections and many more features.

Actor Jega’s Official Website

May 2015

Build a stunning website for an upcoming kollywood actor named Jega who made the movies Gnana Kirukkan and R23 Criminals Diary.

TheHouseMonk Android App

Apr 2015

An Android app that was to be internally used by a Bangalore-based real estate startup. The day I moved to Bangalore, I had already set up a meet with the founder of “The House Monk” (known as Cozee Homes now) who found me through Quora. Fortunately, I had the skills that they were looking for in an Android developer—a programmer working with reactive extensions for Android (RxAndroid).

World of Urology

Dec 2014

Built a clean, multi-lingual, and simple-to-use web app for a group of doctors who specialize in urology. However, I abandoned the project as the client was too unresponsive.


Dec 2014

It is a highly secure online repository to keep medical records. Medical records could be X-ray, MRI, CT scans, history of medicines prescribed, patient details or even medical instruments used in surgery and diagnosis. These are generalised as a "prop" which is associated with a prop ID. Regardless of what kind it is, a simple QR code can be used to identify these props using the ID. The code can even be stuck on the actual prop in the form of QR sticker. Depending on what prop is chosen, appropriate data is fetched and displayed correctly on the app. Using such a general pattern is useful as it helps determine what kind of action must be taken and what sort of data can be displayed. And since the database is globally accessible the doctor can access the data from anywhere in the world. Since all mobile phone, these days are equipped with a camera they can read these QR codes and get the details.

SK Hollow Blocks

Sep 2014

Build a beautiful website for my uncle for his business (called "SK Hollow Blocks") of selling construction supplies.


May 2013 - Aug 2013

I worked on the development of their web application on a freelance basis. It is a contact manager and I built this on top of the PHP-boilerplate project which I had made.

Open Source Projects

Expense Tracker for Google Home

Jun 2018

Track Expenses using Google Actions.

Txt Plugin

Apr 2015 - Mar 2018

The world has humans and robots. Humans build things (including robots) and they deserve credit for doing so when they do. Robots, on the other hand, do what they are built to do, and sometimes you want to exclude certain behaviors. This plugin helps you to do both of these with ease. As the title says, it allows you to generate humans.txt and robots.txt for your web app. This plugin has had over 6329 documented installs.

Social Plugin

Apr 2015 - Mar 2017

This plugin extends the RainLab.User plugin to add social provider-based logins to your web app.

Mobile Plugin

Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

This plugin enables you to manage mobile applications. You can add your iOS, Android and other store app listing into the backend. It also lets you monitor individual app installs by adding some code on the client-side (see video or documentation).

Badge Plugin

Dec 2016

Badge plugin for OctoberCMS

REST Plugin

Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

Plugin to generate RESTful controllers on OctoberCMS.

Mobile User Plugin

Nov 2016

Mobile Front-end user management for October CMS.

Identity Theme

Feb 2016 - May 2016

Port of Identity theme from HTML5 UP for OctoberCMS

Readium Theme

Feb 2015 - Mar 2015

Readium Theme for OctoberCMS

Collapse Plugin

Mar 2015

Collapse plugin for OctoberCMS

Php Boilerplate

Sep 2013 - Jun 2014

This was a simple to use framework which I build inspired from Mathias Bynens' html5-boilerplate. It's minimal with a simple configuration file and tried to abstract several of the PHP methods and plugins so that it worked independent of the server the project was deployed in. Also, there was a quick install similar to Workpress' famous 5-minute install and the frontend was initially load with the html5-boilerplate project from where developers can build their own theme. I successfully built some projects using this and realized that a project called Laravel had already solved this is an elegant way, and switched to that.


TapeMit Website

Aug 2016

Mentored a junior friend and collaborated to build a website for the Department of Production Technology and Mechanical Engineering at MIT, Chennai.

Help Chennai Android App

Nov 2015

Considering the lack of internet and network in Chennai, I believe this app has little role to play so I’ve put basic information lists in case those in... I built this app in a very short time just out of self-interest. No advertisements or money involved.

Roderick's Blog

Feb 2015

Built a beautiful blog for a good friend of mine.

Portable Data Protection System

Apr 2014

Portable Data Protection System (PDPS) is a new concept of security systems that help to protect computers from malware attacks. Unlike conventional anti – virus systems that scan entire systems periodically against its malware signature database and cause the systems to slow down and hang up (due to over usage of processor cycles), this system uses just- in-time detection to prevent malware attacks right whenever a new process or thread begins. It uses ACLs instead of a database of malware definition files like most AVs do to ensure only the processes that the user wants to run are allowed to run. Everything else is considered as malware. The end product was put into a read-only pen drive which runs the autorun script requesting user whether they would like to enable PDPS protection. Since it's read-only, it's not possible for the system itself to get infected making this a versatile solution to fight malware. Developed a portable, robust yet powerful real-time anti-virus system which prevented malware before they got processor execution cycles, thereby preventing the execution of malicious code it may contain. The system was programmed to hook into the operating system's loader code and ensure that all requests (system calls) are filtered thro' it, very much like a firewall--it even prompted the user whether to allow execution of any given program leading to a more refined control over what was allowed to run in the device. Since most malware tend to get into the system in the background attached to a legitimate file or trigger due to a user action the system could alert the user to make the right decisions. A moderately intelligent user would be able to judge that said process was never initiated by the user and so all malware infections would be intercepted and suppressed. This system does not require any definition files nor updates and could even by run on thin clients making it very less resource-hungry (unlike most conventional AVs out there in the market) and at the same time enforce strong security to the user's system. My team wrote this program as an autorun program to a pen drive which came with a read-only switch. Therefore, the system itself was protected from being infected and was allowed to do it's good work. A more commercial permanently written portable pen drive kind of anti-virus too can be developed based on this concept. The project was developed as an application level program (using C#.NET form-based application) rather than as a kernel level driver (which would be more stronger as it even prevented bootkits) and was successfully presented as a final year project. I later submitted the underlying concept as a paper which got approved and published in a journal in Special Issue-1, October 2014 with ISSN 2321-9653.


Jan 2014

Nyquist (or) MKB Music box (named after the initials of the team members) is a media organiser which can identify music using the audio signature like Shazam does and organises it into folders based on the user preference. The project was originally built for Softkriti, an IIT-K software contest and Shazam being a closed-source software, I had to build the technology from scratch. Internally, it used something called fast fourier transform to calculate the audio signature and store a hash of it inside a database. We had to do this on several songs and we added ID3 tags for the song as well. Later using the client app, a folder containing songs is selected the system automatically figures out which song is it by calculating and comparing this signature with the database. The software worked perfectly and was super fast since we ran the global DB locally but we did not win the contest and came in 3rd (apparently). The winners were both IIT-K students for some sample projects of some platforms which were popular back then. The project was dropped since.

Hash Decryptor

Apr 2013

An RMI based Java program that can find the original plain text code of a given hash string by retrieving the values from a mySQL DB.

Car Pooling App using Sencha Framework

Jan 2012

A web-based mobile-friendly version of Uber made in a time long before we even came to know of Uber.